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Executive Director, Woody Sanders presenting 16 year service plaque to Wayne Wright on Friday, November 10, 2023.


What Employers, Employees, and Families are Saying

about ICM Chaplains in the Workplace

“There is much stress in our lives today from the many pressures we encounter daily, i.e. home, marriage, children, workplace, etc. The visits ICM makes to our brewery provides a much needed avenue for our employees to take advantage of discussing their personal problems. Due to the ever increasing changes in the way we perform our work, the employees need a sounding board that they can count on and that is confidential.” ~~Brewery Plant Manager

“His experience, training and deeply rooted faith enable him to listen when employees have concerns, assist in clarifying problems and provide guidance, assistance and referrals to services when necessary. His low-key approach is helpful without disrupting the work of the office.” ~~Employment Commission Manager

“Is the industrial chaplain interfering with our productivity? The answer is no. We feel the Chaplain service actually enhances production by the positive image that is conveyed to the employees. The Chaplain is another source that employees can use to help resolve problems. We feel that an employee who is in a positive frame of mind will be a more productive employee.” ~~Poultry Plant Manager

“He (chaplain) has reached people who are having difficulties that our EAP would not have reached. The utilization of our EAP has even gone up over the last year, which I can only attribute to more referrals coming from the Chaplain Program. We have been fortunate to have such a caring and dedicated individual working with our Management Team over the past year. I have not had one complaint about interference with work schedules or “religion” being brought into the work place. I have had numerous positive comments made by employees about the program . . . you help in making our company a more caring place for everyone to work.” ~~Manufacturing Human Resources Manager

“I thought you might be interested in something that happened to a member of my family as a result of interaction with a chaplain in the workplace.

My cousin lost his father and mother earlier this year. His relationship with his father had been broken, due to his parent’s divorce years before. He was also diagnosed with MS this past week. His sister wrote the following to me in an e-mail: “He went through a bad time when Daddy died because of the lack of relationship there. He started talking to the chaplain at his office and ended up turning his life over to Christ. We were so excited and knew Mom would be so happy about that. It’s wonderful to know that he will have his faith to get him through this, as we all will. Thanks for the prayers – keep them coming.”

Some folks think that having a chaplain in an office, factory, or any workplace, is not necessary or productive, but this account tells a different story. Jesus has a new disciple because there was someone ready to listen and share. Thank you for promoting this ministry.” ~~Family Member

“When I just needed someone to talk to . . . the chaplain was there.”

“I don’t have a pastor but I do have a chaplain.”

“I was able to get a straight answer from the chaplain about a problem that I couldn’t take to my boss.”

“The chaplain is an added benefit we can offer our employees to show that we really do care.”