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What ICM Chaplains Do . . and Don't Do

What ICM Chaplains Do . . .
Chaplains represent the sincere concern of the Christian community for all persons.
Our objective is to focus on the needs of the employees.  We visit the workplace on a regular schedule as well as respond to special needs or crisis situations.
We circulate where people work in an organization to become acquainted with employees and establish relationships.  When invited, we will attend small groups, company-wide events, and meetings of management and employees.
We respect the rules and regulations of the workplace and obey all safety and health guidelines.
Interactions between the Chaplain and the employee are always confidential and always free.

What ICM Chaplains Don't Do . . .
We don't sit in an office.  Our purpose is to be among the staff.  We do not interfere with the production process or work activities.  ICM Chaplains are not agents of management or employees.  We treat everyone equally.
ICM Chaplains will never recruit anyone for a particular church.  Though involvement with a church may be encouraged we never use our position to seek church members.  Chaplains do not force religion on employees - our focus is to respond to specific needs and to support the individual.
Chaplains accept no gifts or financial gratitudes for their services.  If there is a desire to celebrate the role of a Chaplain in their life, we welcome a charitable donation to ICM in honor of a particular person.

 ICM National Office
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