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. . . why does ICM need money?

"If all of the chaplains, board members, and officers are volunteers, why does ICM need money?"

This is a very reasonable question.
Although ICM is a volunteer organization, we require funding in order to raise the vision of volunteer chaplaincy, recruit, train and coordinate chaplains and support the local chapters.  The key emphasis of our budget is:
  • Training and Chaplain Materials
  • Ministry Support 
  • Communications
  • Travel

ICM supports a National Office which, in turn, provides services to the local Chapters.

  • Leadership training
  • Chaplaincy training through seminars and materials
  • Planting new chapters
  • Nurturing and shepherding chapters
  • Presentation materials, publicity and printed materials
  • Speakers
  • Recruitment of chaplains and placement locations
  • Identification through business cards, name badges, and jackets
  • On-site assistance when a chapter is floundering or has a loss of leadership
  • Tax-deductible status for all donations

Any organization that does not provide leadership, assistance, and shepherding of its local chapters will not grow or survive.  Therefore, it is necessary to have and support a National Office to further the mission of ICM. 

ICM National Office
Wayne Wright, Executive Director
57 South Main Street, Suite 612
Harrisonburg, VA  22801
540 432-1919