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Qualifications and Placement

        of an ICM Chaplain
Any interested clergy or lay person must meet specific qualifications related to a genuine compassion for other people.
  • completion of the "Introductory Seminar in Industrial Mission"
  • agree to serve within ICM guidelines
  • commit to regular / weekly hours of service
  • active membership in a local church

Each person must submit an application and meet with a local ICM Chapter.

Placing an ICM Chaplain
        in Your Organization
Once an organization recognizes the potential advantages for their employees . . .
  • creating and supporting a positive work environment
  • early intervention / proactive interaction with staff and employees
  • ensuring a safe and confidential resource
  • no costs

an employer should contact either the local ICM Chapter or the ICM National Office.

Discussions between an organization and ICM will include:

  • establishing a regular schedule for visits
  • meeting key contacts  (such as the human resource director and plant manager)
  • becoming oriented to the facility
  • knowing the routine of break times and meals
  • reinforcing the confidentiality of conversations
  • and sharing how to contact the Chaplain in cases of emergency.

 ICM National Office
Wayne Wright, Exective Director
57 South Main Street, Suite 612
Harrisonburg, VA  22801
540 432-1919
800 659-1928