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"a caring presence in the work place"
JULY 2017
Industrial & Commercial Ministries, Inc.
"a caring presence"
57 South Main St., Suite 612
 Harrisonburg, VA 22801
July 22, 2017,

Here are the results as of June 30, 2017 as to where ICM
National stands as to Income (Donations) & Expenses...
Income (Donations) as of June 30 are... $23,523.25
Expenses as of June 30, 2017 are....$24,720.66
National ICM Budget for 2017 is $59,930.76

That is why our ICM Labor Day Offering on Sunday, Sept. 3
is so important. We are playing catch-up. Please make sure
your church, civic club & friends know about ICM and our
mission to be "a caring presence" for working men and women
meeting their needs right where they work. Our faithful ICM
Chaplains, by their very presence each week, are reaching
thousands each week as they make their rounds sharing the
love of God outside the walls of a church.

In football there are two half's. The winner many times was not
leading the game at half-time. Remember this year's Super-Bowl. Many had turned off their TVs at half-time; game over Atlanta was running away with the game. But that is why there is a second half....New England came back with the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history and WON!

With your help, prayers and financial support ICM National can
reach and exceed our goal of $20,000+. SUNDAY, SEPT. 3, ICM LABOR DAY OFFERING is our opportunity to do just that. Maybe your church
has never heard about ICM...TELLTHEM! Maybe you have never
donated to ICM....WRITE A CHECK NOW! It is the 2nd HALF!

Literature is available to be given out in your church's bulletins on
SUNDAY, SEPT. 3. Let us know how many inserts, envelopes you
need and ask your pastor if you can have 5 minutes to share the ICM story on SUNDAY, SEPT. 3.

Please give me a call or email if I can be of help.


Humbly in His' service,

Pastor Wayne
National ICM Executive Director
540-432-1919 Cell 810-2280
website: www.ICMAmerica.org





ICM Chaplain Burl McClanahan,
received the L.J. McConnell Award 
for his faithful service to ICM for 
20 YEARS as a ICM Chaplain. Brother
Burl is with our HOAM ICM Chapter
in Mobely, MO.  ICM thanks you for
your dedication and hard work in
making the workplace "a caring presence"
for working men and women.
May God continue to Bless you!


ICM National Office
Pastor Wayne Wright, Executive Director
57 South Main Street, Suite 612
Harrisonburg, VA  22801
540 432-1919